PC Health Check – An MOT for your Computer

A Computer Health Check is a thorough check of all operations of your computer from the programs running on it through to how the fans inside spin.  Every year dozens of health checks are carried out to keep computers running correctly and optimally.

  • Is your computer running slower than it used to?
  • Do you have concerns over malicious software?
  • Do you know what is really lurking in the background of the computer?
  • Does it make strange noises or feel hot?
  • Do you want to make sure that your computer is running as it should?

Let us have a look at your computer to give it a Health Check.

There are over 40 items that are checked and you are given a full report of the status of the machine.

The Computer Health Check takes approximately 24 hours includes our free collect and return service.

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Dust is a major problem in desktop PC’s and can cause overheating which can lead to component failure; we can safely clean out the interior of the PC and prolong the life – a recent Health Check found the internal temperature was over 60 degrees, following cleaning it was back down to 25.

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